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automatic square pail filling line

Model: GFE-25L
Origin: China
Features: automatic, high efficiency,whole production line.
Applicable Scope: Petrochemical (oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, etc ) chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pesticides and other fluid
Hotline: 021-68221182
Using this Dictionary Instructions

Manual load pail—automatic transfer6 head automatic fillingautomatic sorting capautomatic cappingweight checkerautomatic labeler

Working Principles Working principle

This program is operated by touch screen and PLC control. Through weighing sensor, weighing controller, liquid level sensor, pass in and out barrel sensor, limit sensor, door switch sensor, pass to PLC through module. By the working instructions of the touch screen, the PLC is delivered by the motor, and the weighing controller controls the filling capacity. The output signal controls the working procedure. Complete automatic filling, load cap and capping.

Control principle:

Full set of equipment is divided into bucket conveyor, filling machine, conveyor, capping unit, finished product conveyor four parts.

the whole set of equipment will to be finished automatically from the positioning transfer pail, weighing filling and capping except manual load pail on conveyor. Weighing system adopts gross weight type, which makes measurement and re examination more convenient and accurate, and has many functions, such as automatic tracking, correcting filling precision, etc. The horizontal conveying system of the filling machine adopts frequency conversion regulator and the speed controller to ensure the material does not overflow during the process. By way of filling nozzle go down to filling to avoid material spills. Vacuum suction device is also available to ensure a clean countertop. When the bucket changed, the initial height of the filling system can be adjusted by rotating the hand wheel, and the utility model can be adapted to various bucket types, and the adjustment process is simple and reliable.

The touch screen is used in the operating system to realize full automatic and manual control. Can be selected on the screen and setting weight, so that the operation is simpler and more intuitive. At the same time, it can display the current running state, accumulative output, accumulation alarm, low pressure alarm and other faults and display.

Technical parameters technical parameter

1、 Filling Volume1030L/Pail

2、 FIlling Speed:≥650Pail/HourPlastic Pail

3、 Filling Accuracy0.2%

4、 Pailstandard plastic square pail

5、 air pressure0.6Mpa

6、 air pressure: ≤5m3/小时

7、 Power3.7KW   AC380V   50HZ

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