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Model: GFE-25L
Origin: China
Features: automatic, high efficiency,whole production line.
Applicable Scope: Petrochemical (oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, etc ) chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pesticides and other fluid
Hotline: 021-68221182
Using this Dictionary Instructions

1. Technical Parameter

1.1 Voltage:   220V/50Hz

1.2 Power:    1KW

1.3 Air Pressure:    0.5Mpa

1.4 Air Consumption:      ≤0.15M³/Min

1.5 Filling Volume:      5KG—30KG

1.6Filling Precision :    ±0.2%

1.7Filling Speed:      100—500Pail/H

1.8 Bucket:      Wide Open Bucket

1.9 Explosive-Proof Level:Exd(ia)iamIIBT4


1, Keli sensor,  long life service and stability, ;

2 , computer automatic weighing and high precision;

3, double speed filling (at the beginning of fast filling,automatic slow filling when close to the target ) to ensure the filling accuracy;

4, vacuum suck system to ensure no leakage;

5, press button at anytime, easy to clean pipes and emergency stop;

6, special treatment can be filled with high temperature liquid, corrosion liquid, high viscosity liquid.

7. The main frame is 304 stainless steel, and the material contact part is 304 stainless steel material

4.System Working Principle

The program is operated by touch screen and controlled by PLC. It is transferred to PLC through weighing sensor, liquid level sensor and module.  Press button to start work, PLC controls the filling capacity by weighing and measuring. The output signal controls the work procedure and completes the filling.

Working Principles Working principle

Automatic lock seal cap

Product Feature:

Metal drum sealing clamp (sealing machine) is dedicated to the international metal drum lock capping and design. The utility model has the advantages of reasonable structure, accurate manufacture, beautiful appearance and convenient operation. The main parts are made of high quality tool steel, which is durable, small wear, high mechanical strength, not easy to break, tight sealing and so on. The user first use, as long as the adjustment of the drum cap depth of nut position will be able to normal use.

Product usage

The products are widely used in cap, barrel, cans, lubricants, coatings, chemicals, petroleum, oil and other liquid packaging industry, special tools for standard drum capping.

Product Parameter

1、Cap Diameter   64mm

2、Handle Force   50-60kg

3 Cap Thickness   mm 0.4–0.5

4 The claw can bear the maximum clamping force  N 800

5、Clamping force of handle when working N 680±50

Technical parameters technical parameter

Automatic Stacker Machine

Product Feature  

The automatic stacker adopts mechanical hand. The workpiece forms a non gravity floating state in the air, that is, the gravity of the workpiece is balanced by the corresponding pneumatic control system, so that the operator carries out the operation of the workpiece with little operation force. As the heavy load rises or falls to form a floating state, for the operator, only skilled press button for operation, hand push heavy objects, you can put the heavy objects correctly in space in any position. The "balance crane" can balance the gravity characteristics of the heavy object, and then with the corresponding grasping manipulator, install the base or trail, we have a complete set of "power assisted manipulator" system. We can easily grab any workpiece from any place, after the implementation of the corresponding process action, and then according to the corresponding requirements placed at another place, to achieve labor-saving operations. It is very suitable for some applications with accurate positioning requirements, but also can accurately maintain the work attitude needed, assists the operator to quickly and easily complete the repeated and heavy capture, handling and assembly tasks.

Product Usage: 
This product is equipped with non standard design of serial products, according to the user's different needs, design and manufacture machine to stack any different shapes of workpiece, suitable for different job requirements. Can complete the workpiece (goods) capture, handling, turning and lifting when docking trimming angle of three-dimensional space shifting action, and to load objects quickly and accurately placed in a predetermined position, or complex operation on the line, is the material on line and production assembly, ideal power handling and assembly tool.

The structure of pneumatic manipulator mainly consists of 4 parts: mounting device (suspension or column type), mechanical body, fixture and pneumatic path control system.

Mounting device: the mechanism that supports the entire device and is designed according to the user's requirements for field space.

Mechanical Body: the main device for realizing the non gravity floating state of materials in the air.

Fixture: a device that implements workpiece grabbing and completes handling and assembly requirements.

Pneumatic path control system: the power source for realizing the non gravity floating state of material in the air.

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