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CFL-1 Air Cooling induction Sealing Machine

Model: CFL-2B
Origin: Shanghai
Features: Improve product quality, prevent natural moisture absorption, extend the shelf life, and strengthen the anti-counterfeiting performance
Scope of application: Petrochemical, chemical, daily chemicals, pharmaceutical, food, pesticide and other industries
Hotline: 021-68221182
Using this Dictionary Instructions

Scope of application: This machine is mainly applicable to flat threaded cover small diameter plastic, glass and other nonmetal bottle sealing operation. Is not suitable for sealing metal bottle cap, no thread cap and big gap tall cap. the bottle diameter less than 50 greater than the diameter of 130 mm is suitable for output, batch size, continuous sealing operations users.

Working Principles Working principle

Aluminum foil sealing machine is the use of electromagnetic induction principle, the aluminum foil at the mouth of the bottle instantly produce high heat, and then fused on the bottle mouth, so that the sealing function. Sealing speed, suitable for mass production, all stainless steel mold shell, beautiful appearance, easy to use, good sealing quality. Continuous operation. It is an ideal sealing equipment in the fields of medicine, pesticide, food, cosmetics, lubricating oil and so on

Technical parameters technical parameter

Power source: 220V 50Hz

Work rate: 2 KW

Type: plastic shell type continuous conveying table

Seal diameter: φ50 - φ130 (mm)

To adapt to the high bottle: 40 ~ 200 (mm)

Transmission speed: 0 ~ 10m/s

Production capacity: 200P/S (PE bottle diameter 35mm * bottle size 40 mm tied by)

Heavy: 42kg

Size: 115 X 48 x 40 (CM)

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