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Automatic induction Sealing Machine

Model: CFL-3
Origin: Shanghai
Features: Improve product quality, prevent natural moisture absorption, extend the shelf life, and strengthen the anti-counterfeiting performance
Scope of application: Petrochemical, chemical, daily chemicals, pharmaceutical, food, pesticide and other industries
Hotline: 021-68221182
Using this Dictionary Instructions

1, the use of electronic tube trigger, filament voltage stability, to achieve constant voltage, high precision stepless pressure regulation

2, the output power is strong, even if the mouth is not smooth or stained with water, oil, powder or packaging materials, still can be effectively sealed.

3, automatic overload and cooling protection, using set operation, automatic, wide area load matching.

4 、 international advanced sealing coil design. Aluminum foil inspection and automatic alarm (pick bottles without foil according to user needs).

5 、 adjustable sealing head support and stainless steel railing support, can effectively expand the scope of use of bottles.

6 、 the use of high-strength plastic chain plate transmission, the shell all stainless steel materials, suitable for use in different environments, can work independently, more in line with the packaging line.

Working Principles Working principle

The product can effectively guarantee the sealing performance, and has the efficacy of anti-theft, moisture-proof and prolonging the storage period of the product sealed by the product. Sealing speed, easy to control, stepless adjustment. Minimum energy consumption and least impact on packaging material properties.

The function of using aluminum foil or aluminum foil composite paper cover sealed plastic bottle or glass bottles, used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical chemicals, juice and cosmetic industry. According to different product packaging and selection of different models, the bottle diameter of φ15- φ 50MM sealing, with international advanced packaging equipment.

Technical parameters technical parameter

Name CFL-4

Sealing speed 1~4.5M/MIN

Bottle size diameter of 15~ with 50MM

Power 220V/50Hz

Power 2.5KW

The anode current rating is 400MA

Optimum ratio of positive grid current to 5:1-10:1

Filament rated voltage 10V

Outline size (host) 500x400x1240mmm

Overall dimensions (conveyor belts) 1510x270x840mmm

Weight 150kg

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