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Inkjet Printer

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Inkjet printer more attention to the T series of anti-interference integrated circuit design, automatic hydraulic cleaning, multi filtration system anti blocking design. Inkjet printer fast information input, you can edit directly through the keyboard, input, call, store the content to be printed, real-time information display, more storage space, more text library calls at any time. More user-friendly, optimized and concise all Chinese interface, with 256 color LCD display, operation more freely.

Environmental protection, closed loop system to reduce contact with the outside air, effectively prevent ink pollution. T370 type printer exquisite stainless steel chassis conforms to the IP55 standard of protection class, moisture resistant, can be matched with any industry production line; closed sprinkler, corrosion resistant to high ethylene catheter, can effectively prevent the intrusion of dust and water in any harsh environment.

Anti clogging nozzle design, multiple ink filtration system, automatic hydraulic switch machine cleaning function, to prevent the intrusion of external dust and water vapor, the most effective solution to the problems of the nozzle clogging.

More integrated circuit design in line with national conditions, without any worry for voltage instability, high voltage interference.

Working Principles Working principle

Continuous inkjet printer is through pressure from a single nozzle to spray the crystal oscillation fracture occurred after formation of ink, ink using charged pattern of offset ink, don't make a point of not charging, it will not deflect directly into the recovery tank is recovered using the ink by charging, deflection, will a normal cycle offset ink line, surface ink directly at work, the use of logic control every drop position, there is a certain interval between ink, ink changes usually only in the vertical direction by moving the work necessary to scan characters, we want to print the contents of the formation. Continuous spray.

Technical parameters technical parameter

Model P360

Print Line      1 - 3 for printing information

Use power      220 + 20 VAC

Power        100VA

Size          580 * 422 * 264mm

Nozzle         200 * 39 * 20MM

Control panel    touch type laminating button

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