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SK-3Strapping Speed

Model: SK-3
Origin: Shanghai
Features: semi automatic, beautiful sealing, stable performance and high benefit
Scope of application: petrochemical, daily chemicals, pharmaceutical, food and other industries
Hotline: 021-68221182
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The automatic strapping machine has become the most essential packaging equipment industry, it will make your products more perfect packaging, this machine has automatic stop device, when the machine over a certain time when not in use, the motor will automatically stop, (machine in state of standby .), and when in use, the machine running again.

Our machine have other vertical strapping machine, mini type strapping machine, automatic strapping machine and other products.

Working Principles Working principle
Technical parameters technical parameter

Model: SK-3

Strapping speed: 1.8s/strap

Packing: any size

Maximum binding force: 35KG

Polypropylene band width: 6-15mm

Supply voltage: 220v/50Hz

Power: 250W

Weight: 100KG

Size: 1500 * 580 * 465mm

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