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Vacuum packaging machine

Model: 600D
Origin: Shanghai
Features: to achieve quality preservation, preservation, preservation of flavor, color preservation, extension of product storage period
Scope of application: petrochemical, daily chemicals, pharmaceutical, food and other industries
Hotline: 021-68221182
Using this Dictionary Instructions

Scope of application:

1, for all types of electronic products (semiconductor, circuit boards, electronic products, etc.) and metal processing of vacuum packaging, moisture-proof, anti oxidation discoloration;

2. Used for vacuum packing of cloth, cotton and wool products to reduce the volume of packing and save the cost of logistics;

3, for food seafood, fruit, tea, pickled products, soy products such as vacuum packaging, to prevent oxidative deterioration and prolong shelf life, or filled with nitrogen and carbon dioxide gas protection, with preservation of flavor, and can prevent shock.

Mode selection:

According to the needs of packaging, choose vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, sealing, bag making and other modes are selected individually, which reduces the wear and tear of some parts and prolongs the service life of the machine;

Double protection:

The machine adopts the automatic detection system, during the operation on or off, if malfunction occurs, the system will alarm automatically until the trouble is removed.

The microcomputer controller adopts the company independent research and development, the control system has accurate (LED digital display), has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, good stability and so on, all the settings directly set on the panel, without adjusting other parts;

Working Principles Working principle

Manual / automatic function:

Automatic foot step twice:pre-programmed technical parameters for  the package which need to be pack , first foot step to determine whether the product the bag and bag mouth is even, step second feet and automatically complete the packaging process according to the program, and the packing speed is doubled;

Manual step triple: The first foot step on the foot to determine whether the product the bag and bag mouth is even, second foot step is start vacuum, if products reach required vacuum degree, then make the third foot step, machine start executing the program, automatically completes the whole packing process;  
Technical parameters technical parameter



Packing SpeedBag /Min


Max Sealing Size(mm)


Max Packing Size (mm)

L No limited ×W600×H No limited

Voltage (V)

220V/380V 50Hz-60Hz

Air Pressurekg


Power (Kw/h)


Ultimate vacuum (KPa)


Size (mm)


Weight (kg)


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