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In the future, China's packaging machinery industry needs to follow the road of refinement

After nearly 20 years of development, China's food packaging machine has formed a certain scale and become an important part of the machinery industry. Although we have made some outstanding achievements, we still rely too much on foreign technology and can not do it. In the future, China's packaging machinery must follow the road of refinement, and in order to take the lead in the packaging industry, the packaging machine needs to be adapted to the economic tide through reform.

In recent years, China packaging industry, although the annual growth rate ranked in the traditional industry for the first , but in line with the international market, there is still a gap, although the Chinese packaging machinery manufacturing level and the level of industrial design than before has developed rapidly, but its weakness can not be ignored.

The first reason is the use of imitation, the introduction of technology and capital, and the globalization of procurement. The limited technology results in our failure to innovate independently. The second reason is that China's packaging machinery industry started late, and after 20 years of development, still can not do the machine specializing in the development of precision. Therefore, for our country's packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises, the most perfect should be "refinement", "seeking", "fine", "specialized" is the road of China's packaging machinery should be taken.

Go professional road, research equipment and technology for the packaging needs of the anterior and posterior segments of the expanded expertise we should, for example the earlier work in the production of packaging machines, packaging machine for weighing, weighing and filling equipment need to carry out various forms of growth speed and precision and stability and reliability, and automatic packaging equipment for packing machine, shorten the gap with the international advanced level, improve the speed, improve performance, the development of large-scale aseptic packaging technology and equipment, and the development of liquid aseptic packaging equipment, glass, aseptic packaging equipment products, the development of aseptic packaging machinery products to fill the domestic blank.

In packaging materials used, to improve product safety and reliability of operation, in addition to the plastic film packaging, paper packaging equipment in the development package, package equipment, development of various auxiliary equipment, expand the function of the host application.

Packaging machinery in the world, attaches great importance to the development of machinery, electricity, light, sound, magnetic as one of the high-tech products. High production efficiency, resource utilization, energy saving, high-tech practical and scientific research results commercialization has become a worldwide trend of development, which is the direction of the development of packaging machinery. But for our country, due to the technical and financial problems, it is the development of the road of specialization, the packaging industry in the primary position of the packaging machine needs more reform to adapt to the social and economic tide.

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