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Gel filling production line

Product introduction

Introduction of automatic gel filling and filling production line:

The production line of external gynecologic gel filling and screwing machine is a special filling machine for needle tube type gynecologic gel and medicinal gelatin. The gynecologic gel filling line is the German technology research and development design introduced by our company. This machine integrates mechanical, pneumatic and automatic. It has the characteristics of high automation, high yield, good stability and so on. It has the characteristics of automatic bottle detection, automatic bottle cutting, positioning, correction (bottle filling, no bottle not filling). It has the function of cap and adaptability. It is suitable for all kinds of gel tubes and special-shaped bottles, so it is favored by the majority of users. Now the model is becoming more and more mature, with its high technology content, good adaptability and excellent quality. It is the ideal equipment for the gelatin manufacturer. Some product specifications can be customized. First-class technology is the first choice for gel products manufacturers.

Automatic gel filling and filling production

External gynecologic gel sample

Technical parameters of gel filling production line

Filling quantity: according to customer's requirement

Design volume: 1-5g

Output: 20-30 branches / 40-60 branches / points

Precision: + 3%

The qualified rate of the finished product: > 98%

Power: > 2.5KW 220V

Design dimensions: 4500 x 1650 x 1700

Weight: about 800KG

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