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Principle of full automatic volumetric filling machine

Volumetric filling machine is widely used in the packaging line of pharmaceutical, food, pesticide, daily chemical, lubricating oil, etc., and it can provide packing bottle for sealing continuously. It adopts stepless speed regulation, and the size of the delivery port is adjustable. It is suitable for the needs of different packing lines

automatic linear filling machine uses the PLC programmable control, human-machine interface to 5.7 inches, the volume of pump metering control filling volume to achieve different measurement, has the advantages of simple structure, suitable different size of bottle, no need to replace any parts when change the bottle shaped , adjustment would be fine.

this machine for automatic quantitative liquid filling machine, can be used in liquid filling , dilute paste, used in the design of mechanical linear motion mode, and using the PLC logic controller and detection device and cylinder, achieve the aim of automatic control, and fully comply with the GMP standard. The operation is simple and can be carried out in a short time with different container filling operations to achieve the cost-effectiveness of one machine

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