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  • eight head automatic lubricating oil filling machine, automatic high-speed capping machine, electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine

    Full automatic filling line is any kind of liquid and paste like (such as washing liquid, shampoo, bath lotion, detergent, oil, dairy products) of high viscosity liquid filling into bottle, suitable for round bottle, square bottle, ellipse bottle filling. Widely used in products, pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, pesticides, lubricants and food, oil and other industries filling. Due to the adoption of linear filling, the cost can be maximized reduced and the safety can be guaranteed. The conveyor belt will be automatically transfer bottle to filling station, the reciprocating movement of the piston, the liquid is pressed into the inside of the container to achieve automatic filling (adjustment of filling volume can adjust the stroke of the piston), after filling, delivery to the capping machine. Then through the electromagnetic induction machine to seal the bottle strictly, after labeling machine, inkjet printer, complete the process. Easy to change varieties, cleaning convenient and quick. Adopting the piston quantitative filling principle, the bottle feeding, positioning, filling and bottling are controlled automatically by PLC. It conforms to the GMP standard and is suitable for the quantitative filling of various products

  • fourteen head automatic bottle feeding machine, automatic filling machine, automatic high-speed capping machine, electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine

    The equipment is in the form of 14 heads and 14 stations, and the whole set of equipment needs to be finished automatically from the bottle transfer, filling, flow measurement to filled bottle exit . The flow measuring system adopts fast filling and slow filling, which makes the measurement and re examination more convenient and accurate, and has many functions, such as automatic tracking and correcting filling precision, etc.. The conveying system of the filling machine adopts machine regulation to control the conveying speed to ensure the material does not overflow during the process. By way of filling nozzle go down , to avoid material spills. Vacuum suction device is also available to ensure a clean countertop. When the bottle shape is replaced, the initial height of the filling system can be adjusted by rotating the hand wheel, and the utility model can be adapted to various bottle types, and the adjustment process is simple and reliable.  

    The operation system adopts touch screen mode, which can realize automatic movement. It can select the flow value on the screen and make the operation more simple and intuitive. At the same time, the current running state can be displayed.

    Technical parameter:

    1, filling capacity: 100mL - 500mL/ bottles

    2, filling speed: 3000 - 4200 bottles / hour (plastic bottles) (viscosity ≤mm2/s)

    3 , filling accuracy: + 1%   4, power: 220V 50Hz

    5, power: 0.5KW   6 ,air pressure: 0.5Mpa

    7, the gas consumption: less than 5.5m3/H

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