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Automatic sorting bottle, filling, capping, labeling line

Model: custom made
Origin: Shanghai
Features: full automatic, high efficiency, can be equipped with a whole set of production lines
Scope of application: petrochemical, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, pesticides, etc.
Hotline: 021-68221182
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Product introduction:

This machine is suitable round bottle sorting, filling , capping and labeling. Performance is perfect, work is reliable, operation is convenient and maintenance is easy. All kinds of liquor, food, beverage, medicine, chemical, reagent and pesticide have been widely applied to the water line of automatic packing line. It is the most ideal screw automatic filling and sealing equipment at present in china.

Functional characteristics

The machine is a filling and capping machine.

The machine is reasonable in design, small in size and convenient in operation. The pneumatic part adopts the components of Taiwan AIRTAC.

The material contact parts are made of 316L/304 stainless steel.

The filling capacity and the filling speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the canning accuracy is high.

Filling head adopts anti drip and upgrade filling device.

Working Principles Working principle

Conveyor transfer bottle to filling station, automatic filling, after filling, then transfer filled bottle to capping position , automatic load cap on bottle, automatic lock sealing cap on bottle, release bottle, then bottle will be exit from turntable. 

Technical parameters technical parameter



Bottle Diameter:Φ20-50mm

Machine Size:1050*850*2350mm

Machine Height:100-320mm


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