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  • plastic bag sealing machine

    FRT-10W plastic bag sealing machine

    This machine is suitable various plastic films for sealing and bag making, can be widely used in food, medicine, daily chemical industry, chemical products, electronic components, vegetable seeds, cultural relics preservation and other departments. It is the best sealing equipment for mass production and use in factories, shops and service trades.

    performance characteristics:

    This machine adopts electronic constant temperature control and automatic feeding device, can seal all kinds of plastic bags of different shapes, can be used in all kinds of packaging line, the seal length is not restricted, with continuous high sealing efficiency, reliable sealing quality, reasonable structure, convenient operation etc..

    This equipment is suitable for packing and sealing dry goods. It is vertical and suitable for packing and sealing powder and liquid . The machine can be equipped with a printing device. It can also print the name of the factory, trademark, date of manufacture or validity, check number, batch number and so on directly when sealing. Seal printing once completed, date and batch number with the need to change, easy to use, in line with the "Drug Administration Law" and "food hygiene law" the relevant provisions, and can be equipped with counting devices for production management.

    Technical parameter:

    Power supply: 220V/50HZ 500W  Sealing speed: 0 - 12 M/Min

    Sealing width: 6 - 15mm   Sealing height: 150 - 270mm

    Range of temperature control: 0 - 300 DEG C

    The number of printing: less than 39

    Conveying load: 1kg * 3   Dimensions: 800 x 420 x 320mm

    Weight: 30kg (10W)

  • electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine

    CFL-6 electromagnetic induction compound aluminum foil sealing machine

    Electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine is based on electromagnetic induction heating technology as the foundation, made use of the thermal effect of eddy current of aluminum foil sealing machine, the machine will be practical function, good performance and simple operation. One can be widely used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, oil, and other types of users of agricultural ,such as plastic bottle sealing. (PP, PVC, PET bottle, ABS, HDPE, PS, DURACON) glass bottles and a variety of composite plastic hose and various non-contact heating and sealing, is an internationally recognized one of the most advanced means of sealing sealing equipment.

    This equipment is mainly based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, the host will be transported to the current ultra high frequency induction head, alternating current to generate high-frequency alternating magnetic field through the coil, aluminum foil bottle inductive head to the magnetic field, resulting in eddy current, through specific control, to instantly reach high temperature, make the aluminum foil composite film is melted and rapidly with the high quality sealing adhesive, achieve the purpose; prolong the shelf life of the products, to steal, pseudo imitation and the important role of improving product quality etc..

    Main technical parameters:

    Power source: single phase AC220V土5%

    Power: 2kW (adjustable)   Oscillation frequency: 80KHz

    Conveying speed: 1-12m/min (can be designed separately according to user's requirement, highest to 20m/min)

    Sealing diameter: Φ 20mm- Φ50mm ( customized available)

    Container height: 30-260mm

    Production capacity: 80-200 bottles / min (60-100mIPE bottles, for example, more than 150 bottles per minute)

    Cooling system: self circulating water cooling, cooling water temperature <55 degrees Celsius (indoor temperature <25 degrees Celsius)

    Service environment: indoor relative humidity of 5-25 <80%

    Host : 400 * 600 * 1050mm (L * w * h)

    Conveyor: 1800 * 450 * 1200mm (L * w * h)

    Weight:  host 80kg    Conveyor: 50kg

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