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  • fully automatic double face labeling machine

    Voltage specification: single phase AC220V 50/60Hz
    Power consumption: 2KW
    Labeling speed: MAX 200pcs/min (depending on bottle size and label length)
    Labeling accuracy: + 1mm
    Applicable label range: high 10-180mm, long 10-300mm
    Maximum label supply: 380mm outer diameter, 76mm inner diameter

  • self-adhesive round bottle labeling machine

    Sticker round bottle labeling machine

    This machine is suitable for attaching self-adhesive labels to all kinds of flat containers or installed in automatic production line, beverage filling packing line. The machine adopts the standard unit design concept, all mold production and CNC precision machining, mass production, excellent quality, low price. The host and control separation design, light structure, easy adjustment, left and right interchangeable, to meet customer installation requirements. Five phase stepper motor drive, microcomputer ten function settings, broken label, lack of labels, automatic warning and many other automatic functions, suitable for stand-alone or connect production line, easy to install and operate, labeling speed of 60 meters / minute.

    The transfer device can be installed according to different user requirements.

    Fixed support and spherical foot for easy movement

  • semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine

    Semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine

    Semi automatic round bottle labeling machine is ideal for semi-automatic labeling of round bottles in food, medicine, cosmetics and other light industries.

    This machine is suitable for round bottles of various sizes. It is suitable for small batch and multi kind production. Simple operation, compact structure. The use of photoelectric detection, accurate labeling. This machine can be used in single label

    Maximum output of single label non positioning labeling: 50 /min (relating to bottle and label size)

    Labeling bottles outer diameter: 12mm ~ 90mm

    Total power: 200W  Power supply: 220V + 5% 50HZ

    The use of the environment temperature: 5 ~ 45 degrees

    Use relative humidity: 15 ~ 90%

    Dimensions: 700 x 500 x 260mm   Total weight: 50Kg

  • semi-automatic flat labeling machine

    Semi-automatic flat labeling machine

    Applicable to all types of flat labeling of objects. Such as food, medicine, cosmetics, stationery, CD discs, cartons, panels, all kinds of oil etc..  

    According to the needs of products can be installed inkjet printer; if you want to install hot press, need to be customized.  

    Can work independently, or connect to the conveyor line

    Technical parameters:

    Machine size: 440 (L) * 250 (W) * 600 (H) mm

    Labeling speed: 20-50pcs / min

    Labeling height (mm) 30-150mm

    Labeling width: 20-150mm  Label height: 15-100mm

    Label length: 25-100mm  The labeling accuracy of 0.5mm

    Label Roll inner diameter (diameter 76mm)

    Label Roll outer diameter: 300mm

    Power supply: 220V 0.2KW 50 / 60HZ

    The source by a printer: 5Kg / C square meters

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