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Automatic Screw Capping Machine

Model: XGJ-2
Origin: Shanghai
Features: automatic and high efficient, fast speed, can equip with production line.
Scope of application: Petrochemical (oil, antifreeze, glass water), chemical, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, pesticides and other industries
Hotline: 021-68221182
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XGJ-6 type automatic inline screw capping machine by Shanghai Jiacheng company recently improved capping machine.

The utility model has the advantages of beautiful appearance, handiness, fast speed of capping and high passing rate, and can be applied to different shaped bottle for screw capping in food, pharmacy, daily chemicals, pesticides, cosmetics and other industries. Four speed motor which are respectively used for cap feeding, clamping bottle , capping , transmission, and high degree of automation, good stability, convenient adjustment and replacement of the bottle shaped or cap without spare parts, only need to be adjusted to complete (if equip with feeding machine can automatically the load cap to the vibration disk ).


1. electromagnetic vibration sorting system, accurate screening cap, more accurate and quick feed cap.

2.. The operation space of the cap feeding track is large. It is controlled by the regulating plate and the gate. It can be continuously supplied caps, complete automatic production, save time and improve efficiency.

3., continuous split the bottle operation, free adjustment screw capping speed.

4., imported motor as the driving force of the screw cap, when reach torque will be automatic brake, do not hurt the bottle cap, adjust the pressure level to determine the bottle tightness.

5., torque size can be adjusted separately, you can freely adjust the tightness of the screw cap.

6., change the packaging specifications, do not replace parts, only a simple adjustment can be, easy to operate and easy maintenance.


The bottle cap is stored in the hopper, and is transmitted to the cap through a frequency conversion lifting belt, and the capping function is realized by two synchronous clamping belts and three groups of six screw cap wheels, and the screw cap is made by mechanical torque adjusting function.

Working Principles Working principle
Technical parameters technical parameter

1 working voltage: 220V/50HZ - 60HZ

2, rated power: 1500W

3, production capacity: 60-100 bottles / min.

4, bottle cap size: 15-70 mm

5, the bottle diameter: 140 mm Phi Phi 25-

6, bottle height: 38-300 mm

7, exterior size: 1000*700*1600MM

8, net weight: 250kg

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