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Automatic Cap Pressing Machine

Model: XGJ-1
Origin: Shanghai
Features: automatic and high efficient, fast speed, can equip with production line.
Scope of application: Petrochemical (oil, antifreeze, glass water), chemical, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, pesticides and other industries
Hotline: 021-68221182
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Application characteristics:

XGJ-1 type automatic capping machine is a new capping machine by Shanghai Jiacheng company recently improved. The utility model has the advantages of beautiful appearance, handiness, high passing rate and so on.  can be used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, pesticides, cosmetics and other industries. 

Product Description

Filled container transfer by conveyor to the lock capping position, block blocking container, fixing the container on lock sealing position, automatic sorting caps and transfer cap on container mouth, lock capping head automatic go down, aim at container mouth, and press cap on container mouth, lock capping head lift up, block release , container transfer out for next work procedure.

Working Principles Working principle
Technical parameters technical parameter

1 , working voltage: 220V/50HZ - 60HZ

2, rated power: 1000W

3, production capacity: 15-30 bottles / minute (according to actual calculation)

4, bottle size: Standard

5, tank diameter: 140 mm Phi Phi 25-

6, tank height: 38-400 mm

7, exterior size: 1000*700*1600MM

8, net weight: 250kg

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