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Double-sided labeling machine

Model: FBL
Origin: Shanghai
Features: fully automatic, can be assembly with production line
Scope of application: Petrochemical (oil, antifreeze, glass water), daily chemicals, pharmaceutical, food, pesticide and other industries round bottle
Hotline: 021-68221182
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FBL full computer control double side labeling machine is our upgraded product. The equipment is simple, reasonable and easy to operate. According to the specifications and characteristics of the bottle and label , stepless adjustment is made to the production. The adaptability of the labeling machine for bottles is wide, for food, drugs, cosmetics and various specifications and materials of flat bottle, whether it is the use of transparent or opaque self-adhesive labels, can be in a bottle or container with satisfactory label.

The automatic control by microcomputer, automatic detection, ensure the bottle, label sync, equipped with a thermal printer, suitable for a wide range of stepless speed regulation, convenient operation, easy adjustment, fast and efficient, a label error is small, no noise, in order to adapt to different specifications of bottle labeling, customized is available.

Working Principles Working principle

The beginning of the process is that the bottle is fed to the labeling machine at a constant speed on the conveyor belt. A mechanical fixing device separates a fixed distance between the bottles and pushes the bottle along the direction of the conveyor belt; the mechanical system of the labeling machine includes a drive wheel, a labeling wheel, and a reel. The driving wheel intermittently drags the label belt movement, the label belt is pulled out of the reel, and the label wheel is pressed on the box by the labeling wheel. An open loop displacement control is used on the scroll to maintain the tension of the label band, since the labels are closely connected with each other on the label band, so the label belt must continuously stop and move on.

Technical parameters technical parameter
Machine Size              2800(L)×1450(W)×1360(H)mm 
Output Speed              60-200pcs/min 
Object Height For Labeling  30-280mm
object Thick for Labeling    20-200mm
Label Height                5-150mm
Label Length                25-300mm
Labeling Precision           ±1mm
Label Roll Diameter         76mm
Label Roll Outside Diameter  380mm
Power Supply               110/220V 1.5HP 50/60HZ 
Print Air Pressure              5Kg/c㎡ 
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