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Automatic stacker

Origin: Shanghai
Features: automatic separating pallet and conveying, automatic stacking pallets, can realize unmanned operation
Scope of application: chemical, petrochemical (oil, antifreeze, glass water), daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, pesticides and other industries
Hotline: 021-68221182
Using this Dictionary Instructions

Automatic stacker is mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products, palletizing machine can meet the production needs of medium and low production. The stacking of various kinds of products, such as coating barrel, material bag, glue block and box , can be carried out according to the required grouping method and number of layers. The optimum design makes the pile compact and neat.

The stacker machine is stacked finished packed container or carton according to a certain arrangement on the pallet, pallet (wood, plastic), automatic stacking, can stack multiple layers, and then conveyor transfer out,  easy for forklift move to the warehouse storage. This equipment adopts PLC+ touch screen control to realize intelligent operation management, which is simple and easy to master. It can greatly reduce labor force and reduce labor intensity. Stacking machine stack different kind products according to customer process requirements work automatically stacked into a layers, and will be conveying finished stacked products out..

Structure characteristics:

Tstacking machines are mainly parts are conveyor, slow stop conveyor, transposition conveyor, pallet warehouse, pallet conveyor, marshalling machine, pushing device, stacking device and stacker conveyor. The structural design is optimized and the action is stable and reliable. The palletizing process is fully automatic, without manual intervention during normal operation, and has a wide range of applications.

Working Principles Working principle

The main control components include programmable logic controller, variable frequency speed controller, proximity switch, button switch and connection terminal, etc. the quality of the products is guaranteed, which ensures the reliability and long life of the system hardware. High quality hardware is combined with specialized control software designed by experts to achieve a high degree of automation of the system. The perfect safety interlock mechanism can provide protection for equipment and operators. The graphic display touch screen makes the stacking machine easy to operate, easy to diagnose, and easy to overhaul and maintain.

Technical parameters technical parameter

 Power             380V, 50HZ, 10KW

The pressure       6 kg / m³

Pallet Application   L:1600mm W:1600mm in pallet

Height Of Stacking  1600mm  

Speed             2-5 minutes to complete the 6 layer stack

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