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Wrapping machine

Using this Dictionary Instructions

Product use:

Pallet wrapping machine with stretch film for packaging materials, applied to the pallet packaging, using the method of winding all regular or irregular goods packaging, use film retractivities and self-adhesive to wrapping pallet with goods together, play a fixed role, so the goods will not occur collapse phenomenon, dustproof, moistureproof, anti damaged, anti scattered, easy for transfer goods, etc.. it can reduce the labor intensity and improve the work efficiency. It is the ideal equipment for the packaging of modern enterprise products.

Widely used in furniture, electronic appliances, food and beverage, printing paper, bottles, glass, ceramics, crafts, semi-finished products and exhibitors of goods turnover / mechanical transfer etc.. The utility model has the advantages of stable performance, simple operation, reliable use, etc.

Working Principles Working principle


The utility model has the advantages of convenient transfer goods , convenient operation, convenient adjustment. After winding packaging products can reduce product surface wear, improve tightness, easy storage and transportation of products. After winding packaging, not only the appearance of beautiful and generous products, but also has a good moisture, dust, rust, anti-aging, accident prevention and other functions.

The utility model has the advantages of high safety, fast packing speed, wide packing range, simple operation, etc.. It is the best choice for you to improve work efficiency, save work time, reduce product packaging cost and improve product quality
Technical parameters technical parameter

Product characteristics:

The PLC programmable microcomputer control.

The top and bottom layers, number of overtopping time, reinforcement layer can be set to 0-9.

The LED display, can be set directly on the panel.

The operation is simple: just press the automatic operation button to complete the packaging process.

The lifting system adopts the latest international advanced tensile belt conveyor structure, tensile force, long life, no noise, no need to refuel.

The photoelectric switch, automatically sensing the height of goods.

The selection of electrical control components, high reliability.

The automatic / manual switch.

The turntable adopts frequency conversion and rotary soft start and slow stop, can prevent the collapse of goods because of inertia.

- the user can according to the characteristics of goods and their needs, through the knob adjusting winding tension membrane.



Control Type

PLC Microcomputer control, variable frequency speed regulation

Power configuration

AC220V 50Hz or  380V 50Hz

Packing specification


Maximum packing weight


power of rotary table motor

0.40KW/0.75 KW /1.5 KW /2.2 KWcustomized available

Maximum wrapping height

1800mm/2100mm/2300mm/2500mm/2700mmcustomized available

Power of lifting motor


Wrapping film size

Inner diameter 76mmoutside diameter ≤250mm, width ≤500mm

Rotary speed

0-15 rotationminVariable frequency adjustable

Rotary table diameter

1500mm/1650mm/1800mm/2000mmcustomized available

Film Frame Lifting Speed

3.2MMinVariable frequency adjustable

Turntable start mode

Slow start and slow stop

Turntable height


Film Feeding Control Type

Resistance tensile type

Optional parts

①frame of pre-pull film ②press top ③Steep hill ④ Automatic breaking film

Machine Size

L2550W1500H2370mm(standard type)

Machine Weight

650KG(standard type)

In addition to the above standard specifications, the company can also accept special specifications according to customer needs.

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