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18L Wide Open Bucket Weighing Filling, Cap Pressing Machine

Feature:semi-automatic filling and cap pressing machine
Applicable Scope: Petrochemical (oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, etc ) chemical, pharmaceutical, food, pesticides and other fluid
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Using this Dictionary Instructions

1, Keli sensor,  long life service and stability, ;

2 , computer automatic weighing and high precision;

3, double speed filling (at the beginning of fast filling,automatic slow filling when close to the target ) to ensure the filling accuracy;

4, vacuum suck system to ensure no leakage;

5, press button at anytime, easy to clean pipes and emergency stop;

6, special treatment can be filled with high temperature liquid, corrosion liquid, high viscosity liquid.

7. The main frame is 304 stainless steel, and the material contact part is 304 stainless steel material

Working Principles Working principle

Filling principle

The machine operate by button,PLC controlled. Weighing sensor, liquid level sensor, limit sensor, through the module transfer to PLC.  The button give signal to start work, the PLC controls the filling weight by weighing and measuring. The output signal controls the working procedure and completes the automatic filling.

Cap Pressing Machine

Manual push filled bucket under press cap head, fixed bucket position and press  pedal control switch , the press cap head go on and aim at bucket cap to press the cap on bucket, press cap head lift up and move out finished bucket.

Technical parameters technical parameter

1、voltage 220V/50-60Hz

2、power 0.2KW

3、air pressure 0.5Mpa

4、air consumption : 0.05M³/Min

5、Filling Volume:     10L20L

6、Filling Precision ±0.2%

7、Filling Speed:     360480Bucket/H

8、Bucket:   Standard wide open bucket

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